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Open Source Idea #1: Catalike

Well, here goes my first Open Sourced idea. Gulp.

Catalike: Find like-minded strangers near you

"Many of us have experienced the feeling of being in a lonely crowd: Walking through a crowded city or being in between sessions at a conference and *knowing* that dozens of the people you pass by might be likeminded and fun to hang out with, but there’s no easy way to meet just them (without cutting through dozens of awkward icebreakers, small talk and then personal discovery to see if you align). 

What if you could pass someone on the street and get an automated alert if they shared your interests (and were looking for a meeting as well)?”

I’m sharing the idea along with the branding (which still needs a bit more polishing), domain name, 5-year roadmap and adoption plans. 

I don’t really expect anyone else to use it, but even if it results in some great conversations and me meeting other interesting people then it’s a post that was well worth it.

For this particular idea I am asking 10%, an advisory role and right of first refusal to invest in any startup that makes use of the idea and executes the hell out of it up to the prototype phase. 

Is that too much? Too little? Please do let me know your thoughts. It took a lot of rewiring my brain to get comfortable posting this completely publicly (but knowing that I would have no time outside of my duties at Aviary.com and Worth1000.com to execute on this myself). So I’d appreciate any and all feedback. If this generates an interesting discussion, I’ll definitely post more.

The full idea, files and more are here.