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Open Sourcing Ideas

I realized I have too many business ideas and simply can’t iterate on all of them (especially since my first priority is Aviary). After speaking with MSG, he suggested I post my ideas publicly whenever I have them.


My first instinct was to protect my idea, as is the first instinct for almost all entrepreneurs. After all, they are my ideas, right? If I post them, can’t anyone just take it and run?

After thinking about it, three good points made me feel otherwise:

  1. If I don’t have time to execute on them and I don’t share them with the world they will never have a chance of being seen through fruition with a chance to share in credit for the concept. 
  2. Odds are pretty good that someone else out there is already working on something similar. There’s nothing new under the sun. Really.
  3. Sharing my thoughts in this manner will help introduce me to other tech people that I do want to know and give people a good insight into my approach to business. Whether that will help me in future endeavors, who knows. But it certainly can’t hurt.

So given that: A) I continue to have interesting ideas all the time, and; B) that my first priority is to Aviary prevents me from executing on them, and that; C) thinking through them is an excellent thought exercise in general, and D) if I don’t post them, someone will eventually do something similar anyway or worse, the idea will never blossom at all; I have decided to share my ideas with the world.

Of course, should you adopt one of these ideas and pursue them I will be your biggest proponent in the world - and would like to be an advisor to your company.

I will help with introductions, guidance, funding, promotion and team building, from now and until you go public. 

Updated listing of my Open Sourced Ideas

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