Avi Muchnick

"My name in large, bold font."

About Avi

Avi Muchnick is an artist, author and serial entrepreneur based in NYC with a background in business, law, design and programming. His personal mission is to empower others to create amazing things.

He has founded several awesome startups focusing on creativity including Worth1000 and Aviary, backed by the likes of Jeff Bezos, Reid Hoffman, Spark Capital and some other really accomplished folks.

Avi holds a JD from Cardozo School of Law (2004) which he has happily never used a day in his life and a Bachelor’s degree from Queens College (2001), where he served as Editor-in-Chief of the campus newspaper.

MIT’s Technology Review named him one of the “Top 35 innovators under 35" (2010).

Awards his projects have won:

  • SXSW Interactive: Technical Achievement Award (2009)
  • CES Best of Show: NYC Startup Classic (2009)
  • CNet’s Webware 100 (2008+2009)
  • PC Magazine: Top 100 Websites (2007)

His proudest accomplishments to date:

  • His 4 awesome children and the understanding startup wife who helps keep the trains running on time at home.
  • The Pentagon issued a statement distancing themselves from obviously photoshopped pictures of Saddam Hussein uploaded to Worth1000.
  • He has authored, edited and helped publish 3 books on graphic design.
  • He has helped thousands of people hone their creativity, sharpen their skills and in some cases find new careers, friends and even marriages based around their passion to create wonderful things.